22 January, 2021

Upcoming Events

Thursday January - 14


Music, 6:30pm, trova, Restaurante La Posadita, Cuna de Allende 13, Centro, info-reserv 415 154 8862

Friday January - 22

Blues with Woody

Music, 6pm, Blues with Woody, La Posadita Restaurante, Cuna de Allende 13, info/reserv: 415 154 8862

Saturday January - 23

Shabbat Service

9:15am, “Virtual Service Shabbat Services”, JC3, via Zoom meeting # 466-016-9574, Free, shalomsanmiguel@yahoo.com.mx

Saturday January - 23

Panel Discussion: Speculative Fiction

Literature, 2pm, Online Literary Events, Panel Discussion: Speculative Fiction, US$15, sanmiguelliterarysala.org

Juarez Park

Juárez Park exists thanks to the chemist and doctor Ignacio Hernández Macías, political leader of San Miguel de Allende 100 …

Sports Complex

The sports complex consists of seven soccer fields, basketball, tennis and volleyball courts, a track field, a children’s playground, Zumba …

Civic Plaza

Civic Plaza was constructed originally in 1555 next to Soledad Plaza. This plaza was the central point of activity for …